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Find out how you can take advantage of the many health benefits provided by an hyperbaric chamber at home or at your doctor's office. Hyperbaric o2 therapy services can be used to treat many medical conditions including wound healing, poor circulation, diabetes and much more.


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We offer NEW Chambers by State Of The Art manufacturers such as HyperTec, Inc. and HYOX Model HTU-3 and USED units by such Companies as SECHRIST Industries, PERRY Baromedical, ETC and many other fine companies.

We have monoplace, multiplace, turn key and mobile hyperbaric chambers available.

Turn Key Multi place Hyperbaric Facility
In Modular Buildings
Complete, ready to run
Self contained
20 patient facility
Minimum start up cost

2 Monoplace Hyperbaric Facility
located in New York
Chelation room, Physical Therapy room
2 HyOx hyperbaric chambers
Large Handicap Restrooms
2490sf of floor space

Turn Key Multi place Hyperbaric Facility
In NE United States
Only free standing facility in state
72" chamber with Dual compressors
Newly constructed 1 year ago

HyOx HTU-3 provides the following clinical and financial benefits:
Reduction in hospitalization costs and improvement in limb salvage & Reduction in rehabilitation prostheses costs.

Earlier transfer to outpatient status and reduction in chronic wound care cost.

Low through-life operating costs and minimal impact on staffing levels and routines. Usually needs no special building modifications and totally self-contained - needs only oxygen & domestic power.

Low Capital Cost is a fraction of other systems of comparable standard and economical oxygen consumption a fraction of other systems. Spatially efficient so that it fits anywhere that a bed will, but unlike a bed can routinely treat six or more patients per day. Non invasive painless therapy with no requirement for removal of dressing and minimal disruption to staff routine. Interdepartmental utilization with simplicity of operation so that as demand increases operators can safely manage additional units.

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We offer inspection services on any chamber you are interested in purchasing, full condition and operation report with pictures and a list of current values and sale prices of similar units. This service can save you thousand of dollars on your chamber purchase. Hyperbaric 02 Services is able to provide very competitive financing through working with major lenders for most of the chambers listed on this notice. Units are held with a minimum of 10% deposit on used units and 50% on special orders.


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